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Archihive at The Hive, Halton Mill

A view of Halton Mill FKA Luneside Engineering

Archihive Studios Ltd. are thrilled to announce our new address, as we join the professional and creative community at Halton Mill. Formerly known as Luneside Engineering, the mill sits on the north bank of the River Lune and is operated by Green Elephant, a co-operative of like-minded people, named after the mechanical elephants produced by the mill's former owner. This local landmark offers workshops, offices, co-working spaces, and community rooms for local people, enterprises and businesses to enjoy and use. With a community who share our passion for promoting environmentally sustainable practices and a general caring and collaboration within the community, the mill offers a low-carbon space in which to "work, create, perform, relax and play".

We are proud to support this local building and look forward to getting to know our new neighbours in the coming weeks and months, hoping to share with and learn from the wide and varied professionals, craftspeople and business owners who call the Mill 'home'.

To find out more about Halton Mill, including some of the great events, classes and opportunities, visit their website at


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