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new build projects

New Bespoke Houses | Barn Conversions | Multiple Property & Land Development

prices start from £4000 for stages 1-4 and a further £1800 for stage 5

stage 1 - measured surveys

As part of our service we will carry out a measured survey of your existing building to allow us to start with an accurate set of existing drawings. If you are looking at developing a piece of land, where necessary, we can assist in obtaining a topographical land survey, which is important when proceeding to the ideas and concept stage.

stage 2 - ideas & concept design

During the ideas and concept design stage, we will explore your brief and may offer several options or 'sketch schemes' appropriate to your needs. These ideas are explored and presented through various methods and may involve hand and/or computer aided drawings (CAD) and conceptual 3D modelling in order to best present and communicate our ideas to you.

outline planning & pre-planning advice

At this stage it may be advisable to open a dialogue with the local planning authority, either through obtaining pre-planning advice and/or by submitting an outline planning application. Obtaining pre-advice or outline permission can give you the confidence to proceed to the next stage and can assist in increasing the value of a land sale if outline permission is in place.

stage 3 - detail design drawings

Following an agreed concept, we will begin to develop the scheme into a set of refined and scaled drawings. These drawings will form the basis of a full planning and/or listed building application if required, and also allow you to approach builders or contractors for initial estimated build costs.

stage 4 - planning and listed building approvals

New build projects will require a full planning application, and listed building consent could be required depending upon the setting. Our detailed design drawings will form the base information needed for these applications to the local planning authority. We will manage this process, producing the required supporting information and making the application upon your behalf. We will also assist and liaise with the local authority and other expert consultants who will also need to provide supporting documents as part of a valid application.

stage 5 - building control & technical drawings

New building projects will require building control approval. For simpler projects, an appointed contractor can manage the process directly with either the local authority or a private and approved inspector of your choosing. But where needed, we can assist in the development of detailed plans and liaise with other consultants such as structural engineers, to develop a pack of information to be submitted to building control prior to your project starting on site. These detailed drawings can then be given to your builder along with appropriate details to ensure the design vision is carried through to the completion of your project.

additional services

If you are interested in asking about our interior design service please click here for more information.

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