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buying & selling

Spatial review | Concept Options

prices start from £300 for stages 1-2


Are you thinking about selling and are looking to maximise the potential asking price of your house before you sell? We can help by offering advice; from simply dressing the interior and redecorating, to providing concept drawings to help show potential buyers the possibilities. Looking at your home from a different point-of-view or having planning permission in place for an extension might make a difference to how much a potential buyer is willing to offer.


If you’ve found your new dream home, but would like some professional advice about how you might make the most of it, either before or after making an offer, we can provide a reduced survey and concept design service to help realise your new homes potential. 

stage 1 - survey

Whether you are buying or selling, we can carry out a simpler building survey in order to allow us to develop some concept ideas to maximise the potential of your home.

stage 2 - ideas & concept design

During the ideas and concept design stage, we will explore your brief and may offer several options or 'sketch schemes' appropriate to your needs. These ideas are explored and presented through various methods and may involve hand and or computer aided drawings (CAD) and conceptual 3D modelling in order to best present and communicate our ideas to you.

stages 3 & 4 - detail design & planning/listed building approval

Ready to take your concept designs to the next stage? We can help develop the concepts into a reality. Selling your property with planning permission/listed building consent could help increase your asking price and your buyer's offer. Alternatively having planning/listed building consent in place soon after completion and getting the keys to your new home, could be the beginning of your exciting new project in your new dream home.

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